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Hi guys! Got a Newboro fishing story to share? Post here!

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All is well in Tunkhannock. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. see you soon.

tom w. 

I missed four years of coming to Stirling Lodge and noticed many improvements. The plants/flowers add to the clean environment. Small added improvements were made and the place looks "great". We have come there in the past and can not say anything bad. Yes everyone can find something wrong if they want to, but we really like the place.
We are always treated very well.
We have several friends from our area in PA.whom have been coming there longer than us and they tell us the reason for coming yearly is because they like it. [biggrin]We are coming back next year. TERRIFIC PLACE!!!!

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Visited Stirling Lodge for the first time today.  So much atmosphere and funky d├ęcor.  Sadly the service and the food were not up to par, and was quite disappointing.  I won't go into details as I can appreciate everyone has an off day, but please try to remember that each and every customer coming through your door should be treated with friendly, courteous service - it makes for repeat customers and of course better tips. 

I have to say this the first time I could not bring myself to leave a tip......surely including toast on a preteen's breakfast is not too much to expect, even if he did not specify which type of toast he would have preferred.  Or a refill on a coffee.

Hope the day improves for your staff.
Thank you.

Bill stout 

we have gone to your lodge for a long time Its been a few years since we were there ( due to health problems) you run a beautiful establishment and you should be proud 
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